What is it?

Wotsits are toys. They are large, hand-made acrobatic toys designed to be played with and mis-used by children and adults alike. They are strong, can be used inside and out, and are simple: including no small parts for losing or breaking. They are not retail-ready products; they are not sculptures, though I do make these too.

They are handmade in London and come with two core beliefs:

1. Play is a right.

Play is not prescriptive, or predictable, or just for young people; play happens between body, mind and environment; play is unknown and play is choice.

2. Art belongs to everybody.

Art should be affordable and inclusive; art should reveal and inspire; art is age-blind, and, there is no such thing as good taste.

Wotsits have been informed by over 7 years experience in designing playgrounds and researching play urbanism in award-winning London Architectural practises. 

Wotsits have been used in performance arts, workshops and for private enjoyment, and been exhibited in the UK and France, including the London Design Festival.

If you're looking for a toy that: 

  • lasts from toddler to teen, brother to sister;

  • is super durable (we'll fix it if it breaks);

  • unique, hand-made and great to look at,

  • and is sent using NO plastic packaging,

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